4 Fantastic Ideas for a Pool Party This Summer

Summertime is here, and everyone knows the best parties happen in summer. An American favorite is the pool party. Check out these ideas for how you can throw one that everyone will remember!

Classic Block Party

Make your pool a gathering place for family, friends and neighbors to have a rocking block party! You can easily set up an “island paradise”, complete with tiki torches, leis, hula “skirts” for your tables, or you can turn your backyard into a beach-themed palooza of inflatables! Get a few hula hoops for a hula contest and a faux bamboo stick to play limbo. You can get the word out with a cool, high-res-graphics invitational post on Facebook, group texting or even printed-out invitations. Just make sure you’re up-to-date on your maintenance checklist for your pool.

Ice Cream Bar

Keep your guests cooled off while they’re partying under the summer sun with the ultimate ice cream bar! Start off with a table dedicated only to the ice cream and toppings. To ensure the least waste of ice cream, it’s probably best to go with one flavor that most people won’t mind: vanilla. It’s the easiest to customize! Some topping ideas are chocolate candies, crushed cookies, gummi bears, sundae sauces and whipped cream. Of course, you can add so many more. Just be mindful of any allergies, especially nut allergies. 

Poolside BBQ

Nothing quite says summer like swimming pools and BBQ, so why not combine them into one great summertime party? The most important thing you will need for a poolside BBQ is plenty of seating. Set up one or two large tents for shading with a table or two underneath and plenty of chairs. Not only is it comfortable for the guests, but it keeps them away from the pool while they’re eating. You can set up some DIY-friendly backyard games, like ring toss, cornhole or bottle bowling for those waiting to swim after eating and for non-swimmers.


Technology has made it so easy to do the things we love on smaller devices. With your smartphone, the YouTube app, an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker that can be easily placed on a table and a microphone, you now have a full-out karaoke set-up! There are tons of karaoke videos on YouTube that look just like the real thing. For a more professional vibe you can rent professional audio and video equipment to create the actual real thing!

Of course, you don’t have to use all of these ideas to set up your awesome pool party. Pick and choose which activities best fit your vision and budget, and get ready to have a great time.