5 Unique Ideas for Personalizing Your Next Party

Planning, creating, and hosting a party is a lot of work and actually takes quite a bit of creative thinking. Parties should have personalized themes and activities that make it a memorable occasion for all. Below are five unique ideas for personalizing parties to consider for your next big event.

Choose a Feature or Personality for the Theme

A recognizable personality trait, feature, or hobby could be a great way to choose your theme. For example, if the guest(s) are avid golfers, everything from party invitations to the party menu can be designed around this theme. Perhaps, the “golf great” wouldn’t mind giving a miniature lesson to some of the guests. Use something simple to help get you started. A theme can come from anything, just be sure it’s easily recognizable.

Give the Party a Bit of Mystery

There’s nothing as much fun as a party with a mystery game or thread tying it together. Start the mystery with a clue on invitations. A “Whodunit” party is always a big success with kids and adults alike. Equally successful is a personalized party for those who love Scavenger hunts. The hunt can be for funny things, historical items, or current events.

If guests or the host love costume parties, create one with “special” mystery guest. This is fun for adults or children. Use a costume party theme that is unusual, for example, a theme from a movie or play. Ask each guest to choose a character for their costume indicated on their party invitation.

Talents and Showstoppers

A party or big event is the perfect opportunity to show off your talents or organize a theme around the host’s or guests shared interests or talents for more personality. Event centers and rental spaces often offer packages that include media like karaoke, dance floors, lighting, and DJ booths. See if you can use these to your advantage and stop the show with guests talents, shows, or performances. If you know there will be small children present in your party, it would also be smart to help parents out by providing their children with their own special entertainment. Think everything from bounce houses to water slides, which can come in all sorts of themes and designs.

Allow Guests to Play a Role

Another unique idea is to personalize parties through zodiac signs. It can be the zodiac sign of each guest, honored guest, or host. A party game of charades using zodiac signs can be the highlight of any party. This is also true for a costume party where guests use their signs as part of their costume. This can be helpful for big parties where people are meeting and getting to know one another. Have each guest wear a symbol with their sign and mingle using zodiacs as an icebreaker activity and theme.

Use Classics and Old Favorites

Nothing says party quite like everyone’s tried-and-true favorites. This might mean bringing out grandma’s famous potato salad recipe at the summer bashes, or playing your aunt and uncle’s battered set of croquet. Sometimes the expected is better than the unexpected. Keep those Christmas traditions alive and when you create new ones, use a little of the old to help them stay personalized to you and your friends and family.

Party planning should be a full round of activities so time doesn’t hang heavy on guests’ hands. A party plan should contain four phases such as arrival, activities, serving the party menu and departure.