Having a Party? 5 Tips to Keep Equipment Damage-Free

Part of successfully pulling off a great party is having the proper equipment to facilitate the desired functions. For those who plan to do this over and over, keeping this equipment from taking damage is key. By following a few quick tips, equipment can be protected to use at party after party.

Efficient Setup Plan

Deploying equipment in quick, efficient manner minimizes the chance that it will be damaged during the setup process. Having that step-by-step plan also makes it easier to train a person to perform the process. Kansas City Rental offers to deliver and setup the speakers, lights and other equipment for a small fee but it will help your party go off without a hitch, according to their website. If you are a photographer, it is best to have a rolling case. It keeps your camera, lenses and other necessary equipment from being damaged. Event planners don’t want any unnecessary accidents or liability issues to arise and thus having a setup plan in place is key. 

Avoiding Traffic

Let’s face it: the vast majority of damage party equipment encounters is due to party guests moving around. A stumble or spill can represent serious money in repair costs. One of the best ways to avoid this is establishing locations for the equipment that will not allow traffic for any purpose other than interacting with the equipment.

In other words, having someone walk up to and use a piece of equipment is fine. The risk of damage is just built into mixing equipment and people. Having people walk by or around the equipment as they travel from one spot to another, on the other hand, is to be avoided at all costs.

Even if an actual traffic flow map is not generated for the party, it is usually a pretty easy exercise to imagine where traffic is likely to flow at a given event. With this in mind, an out of the way location can be chosen.

Thorough Inspections

There are several points where equipment should be inspected:

  • When removing from storage
  • When packing for transport to event venue (this can be combined with the first)
  • When setup is complete
  • When event is complete
  • When returning to storage

At first glance, this tip may not seem to belong. After all, how is simply checking the condition of equipment going to protect it from damage? The truth is: simply knowing someone will be aware of any damage they cause will make people more careful, even if they are not being held financially responsible.

Packing Properly

Damage during transit to or from a venue is something that should never occur outside of an actual auto wreck or something similar. The equipment should be packed with the understanding that it will be jostled and shifted during the ride. This caution directly equals a longer life for equipment. 

Having the right equipment to serve up the activities that guests are hoping for can ensure that everyone has a good time at a party. Protecting that equipment by instituting some simple processes can ensure that the party planner finds the event as rewarding as the guests.