How to Choose a Venue for Your Engagement Photos

Choosing a venue for your engagement photos doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure, you want these pictures to last a lifetime, but if you think too hard, you might miss some great spots right in your backyard. Look for an area that offers you a wide range of backdrops, and you’ll be happy with how your images turn out. Here are some things to consider as you get closer to the shoot date for your engagement photos.

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Preparation is Important

As you consider where your engagement photos will be taken, it’s also necessary to prepare as much as possible. Choose outfits that are flattering, get your hair cut if needed, and consider other beauty enhancing strategies such as teeth whitening, tanning, or hair coloring. According to a North Star Dentist, common cosmetic dental services might include implants, clear corrections and crowns. See if you can book a salon or spa appointment as the date gets nearer for great nails, skin, and hair.


Don’t Worry About Matching Perfectly

While you and your beloved want to look good in pictures together, try not to worry about matching each other perfectly. Wear complementary colors and stay away from bright colors altogether. Neutral tones work best when you are getting pictures taken, as bright patterns can take away from you, the subject. Make sure the outfits are comfortable. The last thing you want is to look stiff or awkward.


Look for Variety in Your Engagement Photos

Variety is the key to a successful engagement photo shoot. If you head out into the woods and are surrounded by nothing but trees, you won’t have much variety in your images. Look for an area park that offers you both urban and rural backdrops. A local church building can give you a number of backgrounds, including large wooden doors, rock walls, and greenery. You could even use the same venue you use for the service. Be creative and try out things you might not have first thought of.


Ask Around for Advice

If you are new to your area, or simply can’t think of a place to have engagement photos taken, ask around. With social media, it’s very easy to crowd source and ask your friends for advice on just about anything. Ask about engagement photo shoot venues in the area and don’t be afraid to choose an area a friend went to for their images.


One of the more important things to remember is to relax when it comes to your engagement photos. Look your best by choosing outfits that flatter you, and take the time to whiten your teeth, choose makeup if you wear it, and have your hair styled in a way you prefer. When you look your best at your engagement photo shoot, you will look great in the final images. Try to relax and have fun during the shoot.