How to Host a Legendary Summer Pool Party

Pool parties are the stuff of a little kid’s dream, and most people don’t really every outgrow them. As summer winds down, it is time to get those last few pool parties in there. If you want to go out with a bang, check out these tips to help you throw a legendary pool party.


A party’s just not a party without great tunes. A summer pool party playlist should be light-hearted, upbeat and 100% clean. Summer-themed songs and Top 40 pop are usually safe (and fun!) bets. A mix of old and new will keep guests of all ages entertained, so it’s important to keep your playlist diverse. Scanning appropriate music choices beforehand will ensure endless jams and no adult-language flubs. If you’re short on ideas, consider asking your friends and family for their favorites.


Set the scene of your party nicely with beautiful, themed décor. Create a beautiful tropical oasis with Hawaii-inspired decorative accents. If you want something a little more youthful and festive, set up a beach-themed wonderland of inflatable beach balls, palm trees and tubes. You can even take a little inspiration from multiple themes to fulfill your perfect pool party vision. Just in case your rocking party lasts into the evening hours, you want to make sure you have sufficient lighting. You can opt for decorative lighting, such as tiki torches or string lights, but it’s also a good idea to have security lights installed on your home since they’re very bright.


Hours of swimming, dancing and playing is going to work up your guests’ appetites, so make sure plenty of food is available. Barbecue with all the fixings is definitely a pool party classic, but you can take several different approaches to your menu. You can serve up island-inspired food, such as pulled pork sandwiches and tacos with fresh tropical fruit and veggie trays. Finger foods, such as cut sandwiches, deviled eggs and chicken wings, are always party favorites. Provide your guests with great summertime beverages, like fruit punch, lemonade or sweet tea, to wash it all down. Also, you may want to provide popsicles, ice cream or other cold snacks for guests (especially the kids) to cool off with during the day.


A great party has a variety of activities that keeps guests going, and nothing gets a crowd quite excited like a little competition. Just remember, when planning games, consider your guest list — some activities that are appropriate for adults are not appropriate for kids. It would be best not to implement any real darts competitions or wet T-shirt contests. Setting up family-friendly games, like corn hole, bottle bowling and ring toss, will definitely keep your guests busy and having fun.

No matter how you set this up, just remember to have fun. You shouldn’t be so worried about hosting the party that you forget to have fun. Enjoy these last few days and party on.
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