How to Make an Open-Guest List Event Easier to Handle

In organizing any event, guest lists are essential. They tell you what to expect, how to plan, and what materials are most needed. However, in some cases, your event might not have a set guest list. If you are planning an open-house style reception, gala, or come-and-go celebration, you might have a general idea of the amount of people to expect, but don’t have a set guest list. Below are some checkpoints on how to make an open-guest list event easier to handle.

Track Your Guests

In certain situations, you might be able to track your attendees, guests, invitations, and RSVPs by the use of an online app. Guest List Management apps like RSVPify, Guestlist, and Attendium are all good options for tracking accepting invitations and party-goer interest. The app will help you to know the general headcount and any extras who may be coming.

Online RSVPs and registrations of the guests through an event website is often recommended. Once you set up an event invite your guests can go to the site to register and provide their RSVP responses and answers to meals they prefer during the occasion. You can include maps, schedules, and pictures on your website.


Avoid Overcrowding

To plan for social events such as weddings, galas, fundraisers, and conferences, you may be limited by the maximum number of attendants the assigned space can hold. As the host, you should avoid an overcrowded event. Your guests should feel comfortable and be able to move freely. To cut down the number of guests, come up with specific rules in the invitation process. For instance, focus on the target group of attendants regarding age bracket, marital status, and your relationship with the guest. If you can, hold part of the even outdoors where you can find a lot more extra space. This way you won’t have to cut down on invites either. You can find many options for celebration bundles as well, which offer you a couple different rental options depending on the event and technology needed.


Budget for the Event

Every event needs to be funded right so you have everything you need. Book a space that has a natural scenery and is appealing both in amenities and space. Make your own home meet the standard by hiring organizers or decorators and a catering group. If you hold your celebration in your own home, be prepared for lots of guests coming and going. Be sure to have plenty of parking available out front and in the driveway. You should also protect against any accidents by putting away any valuables, arranging furniture in an open space and adding more security. You can easily add home security cameras to your home security system which can help you see who is coming and who is going. Financing and hosting an event will depend largely on what activities you provide as well as the kind of meal. Catering is great for open house events, but potlucks can be just as fun, just cheaper. It is good to have a budget that doesn’t strain you financially and that leaves open room for more fun in your planning.


Dealing with a large group of people might have some challenges and you should have room in your event planning for a few obstacles. Consider opinions from many other sources and implement them where possible. Social gatherings are supposed to be a place of fun and enjoyment. With a little foresight and planning, you can be sure yours will be as well, no matter the size of the guest list.

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