How to Throw a Fun Housewarming Party

You have unpacked your last box and put up your last glass. But before you sit down and relax too long, remember that buying your first home is an exciting occasion worthy of celebration! As Low VA Rates puts it, “For a first-time buyer, the variety of different options can seem daunting, but as long as you have a good lender by your side, you’ll be able to pick the type of loan that will work best for your specific situation.” And before you know it, you’re moving in to a place that you can really call your own. Now is the time to plan a housewarming party for all your friends and family so they can see your brand-new residence.

Decide on a budget

Before any planning begins, decide on your budget. A housewarming party does not require a lot of decorations, but you will need invitations and food. Once you have decided on the amount of money you can spend, then choose what type of invitations you would like to send and what type of food to provide. There are many options for any budget.

Types of invitations

The least expensive invitations are free. You can use social media and send emailed invitations that can be also posted on social media (Canva is a great free tool that is easy to use). For friends and family who do not have social media accounts or email, send them a physical invitation. The next step up in cost is to make your own personally crafted and designed invitations. If you decide to purchase ready made invitations, you can shop around and buy inexpensive options at many different types of stores.


Feeding your guests is an important part of any party. If you like to cook, it is easy to feed everyone tasty and inexpensive dishes. You need to choose either a party time that is around a mealtime for serving more substantial food items or a time in-between mealtimes for lighter fare. Whatever the choices, try to provide items in basic categories such as meats, cut-up fruit and/or vegetables, salted snacks and dessert. For beverages, have water and choices of caffeinated, non-caffeinated and sugar-free drinks.

Inside or out?

You can have your party either inside or out. Depending on the weather and season, if you have a fabulous outside deck area in your new home, you may want to have the actual gathering outside. When you plan to host an outdoor party, it’s key that you clear away any clutter in your yard. You want lots of space for guests to gather, relax, and run around (if children are involved). If you have room in your garage, then go ahead and store items away there. If you’re lacking room, then short-term storage is a great alternative. If so, plan on putting the drinks in some type of insulated containers like coolers, and cover the food if it is outside. If the party extends into the evening, you may also need some additional lighting to make sure you can recognize your guests. If the party is inside, then any suitable room will be fine.


Keep the decorations at a minimum. Remember that the guests are there to see your new house, walls and all. Do not distract them by lots of busy banners and balloons. Put a few things in your yard to welcome people and assure them that they’re in the right place, and then maybe one or two items in the foyer. Speaking of foyers…are you thinking about doing a housewarming gift registry? Read this article from first.

Your new house deserves a warm welcome from your friends. They will be happy to share in your delight, and you will enjoy showing them your new home. There is no time like the present, so start planning now!