Party Smart: 4 Things to Remember When Hosting a Party

While parties are carefree and enjoyable, many people aren’t aware of the work and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. From choosing a venue to paying for music and food, there are countless things to do when planning for a party. For those about to embark on this adventure, here are four things that every party planner should remember.

Understand Noise and Size Limits

The whole idea of a party is to have fun, and nothing is less fun than having your party broken up or dealing with angry neighbors. Both the size and the noise level of your party can contribute to these undesirable situations. As the host, make sure you are aware of any restrictions and talk to your neighbors beforehand. Depending on the type of party, you might even want to invite them! If you are hosting the party at a venue instead of your home, they will probably give you a limit on the number of people and let you know of any noise restrictions. Make sure you figure all this information out before you start advertising your party!

Get the Right Equipment

Once you have a place for your party, you need to get the right equipment for it. Is there going to be dancing? Your living room speakers aren’t going to cut it, so you probably want a professional sound system. You can also rent lights to make to set the right mood or to get everyone hyped. You should also make sure you have everything you need to set up any different areas of your party. If you are serving food, you will need adequate space for the food and people who are eating. If you are doing video games, you will need to get that setup and have enough systems to draw a crowd. If you are renting a space, they may have some of these things available. Otherwise, you’ll want to look into rental companies that will supply the equipment you need.

Limit Drinks

Unless you are going to limit attendance to people who can legally drink, serving alcohol at your party is going to be a problem. Even if it is a 21 and older event, it might be a good idea to limit drinks. We all have that one friend who can’t hold their alcohol and will cause a scene. To avoid this, consider handing out drink tickets. Everyone gets the same number, and when they want a drink, they turn it in. Once their tickets are gone, no more drinks. Not only will this help you control your party, it will also reduce the risk of one of your guests getting pulled over for a DUI. Because the number of drinks will affect everyone differently and most people don’t know their limit, you can’t be sure everyone is safe to drive but you can try.

Control Entrance

When sending out invites to your party, you need to let your guests know if it is okay if they bring friends. Some parties will be just fine with extra guests, but sometimes you just want the people that you invite. Not only will this help with crowd control, it will also make sure that you have enough food, drinks, and space for everyone. Make sure you ask your guests to RSVP, even if it is more of an open-house event. There are several great websites that allow people to respond, so you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed with emails and phone calls.

Hosting a great party is always a lot of fun, even with the stress that comes from trying to make it perfect. Just remember to get the important things done first and if the little details don’t come together the way you envisioned, that’s okay. Just laugh it off and enjoy the party with your friends.