Speaker Rentals


Professional audio rental services for all event types. Choose from our three audio equipment package sizes aimed for meetings, parties, and larger events such as concerts.

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All of our audio equipment packages come with professional grade audio components. Each package is designed for certain types of events based on the type of performance the user is looking for.

4 Large Speakers
Indoor or Outdoor
200-250 Guests
Party Music and Bands
Mic Included
2 Large Speakers
Indoor or Outdoor
100-200 Guests
Party Music
Mic Included
2 Medium Speakers
Indoor Only
Up to 100 guests
Background Music
Mic Included


The concert equipment package is intended for larger events that require extra oomph and sound reinforcement. It is perfect for large events with up to 500 guests, and is also a great option for any kind of outdoor event. The package comes with a medium sized mixer, extra large speakers, amplifier, wired microphone, and all the goodies you need for a great concert, inside or out.


Throwing a party? You’ll need some music and a PA system to play that music! Do it yourself with our party size audio equipment PA rental. This size comes with speakers, an amplifier, and a small mixer so you can plug in your own computer, ipod, ipad, radio or television and throw a party! This PA system also includes a wired microphone for making announcements and all the cables you need to connect them. This package is perfect for an event with up to 150 guests. The party package is the same equipment that is used by our DJs for most parties including wedding receptions and birthday parties. It is ideal for indoor events with around 250 guests that want to dance and listen to music.


The meeting package is built for smaller events where music is less of a focus. The meeting package is great for indoor events and amplifying mainly vocals. It works great for presentations and background music. The rental includes two medium sized PA speakers, a small mixer with wired microphone, amplifier, microphone, and all the other equipment needed to help you communicate your message.


Additional information


Concert, Party, Meeting


Concert: Four speakers, each with 15" subwoofer, 4×9 horn
Party: Two speakers, each with 15" subwoofer and 4×9 horn
Meeting: Two speakers, each with 12" subwoofer and 4×6 horn

Speaker Components

Concert, Party: Eminence
Meeting: Peavey

Amplifier Types

Mackie, Peavey

Amplifier Sizes

Concert, Party: 1700 Watts RMS
Meeting: 1400 Watts RMS

Mixer Types

Behringer, Mackie

Mixer Channels


Microphone Types

Digital Reference, Shure

Supported Devices

Android devices, iPods, iPads, iPhones, CD players, DVD players, Laptops, anything with a headphone jack

Event Size

150 guests or fewer: Meeting
250 guests or fewer: Party
250-500 guests: Concert

Speaker Stands

Two speaker stands included

Microphone Stands

One microphone stand included
Additional stands available upon request if available

Cables Included

2x microphone (XLR) cables
4x amplifier to speaker (fourth inch male to male stereo) cables
2x headphone to mixer (eighth inch male to RCA) cables
2x speaker to speaker parallelling cable (concert package only)