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Save $100 on your order when you bundle speakers and lights! Choose your audio equipment package, lighting size, and optionally add delivery and/or wireless microphones.

Speaker Rentals

Choose an audio package


DJ Dance Floor Party Lights

Choose an lighting package


Wireless Microphone – optional

Rent a professional high quality wireless microphone to go with your PA rental package! Our clients love the flexibility of the wireless microphone so that they can make toasts from across the room or walk through the crowd they are addressing with our PA rental packages.

Delivery & Setup – optional

Add peace of mind with delivery, setup, and takeaway! You've got a whole party to worry about, let us handle your rented equipment.


This combination of speakers and lights is the perfect setup for most events. Since 2000, our sister DJ company has this exact equipment and setup to perform countless wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, class and family reunions, and fundraisers. With a combination of speaker rental and dj dance floor lighting rental, you’ll not only be seen but heard, and your guests will love it.

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Speaker Rentals


Concert, Party


Concert: Four speakers, each with 15" subwoofer, 4×9 horn
Party: Two speakers, each with 15" subwoofer and 4×9 horn
Meeting: Two speakers, each with 12" subwoofer and 4×6 horn

Speaker Components

Concert, Party: Eminence
Meeting: Peavey

Amplifier Types

Mackie, Peavey

Amplifier Sizes

Concert, Party: 1700 Watts RMS
Meeting: 1400 Watts RMS

Mixer Types

Behringer, Mackie

Mixer Channels


Microphone Types

Digital Reference, Shure

Supported Devices

Android devices, iPods, iPads, iPhones, CD players, DVD players, Laptops, anything with a headphone jack

Event Size

150 guests or fewer: Meeting
250 guests or fewer: Party
250-500 guests: Concert

Speaker Stands

Two speaker stands included

Microphone Stands

One microphone stand included
Additional stands available upon request if available

Cables Included

2x microphone (XLR) cables
4x amplifier to speaker (fourth inch male to male stereo) cables
2x headphone to mixer (eighth inch male to RCA) cables
2x speaker to speaker parallelling cable (concert package only)

DJ Dance Floor Party Lights


Regular, Expanded

Event Size

250 guests or fewer: Regular
250 -500 guests: Expanded

Effect Types

Par Cans: Multicolored spot lights that turn on and off to the beat
Moonflower: Simulated disco ball effect with slowly rotating white lights
Millenium: Wide area coverage of multicolored lights that jump around to the beat
Blacklight: Super bright LED UV light

Effects Lights

American DJ Millenium
American DJ Sparkle
American DJ LED UV Blacklight
4x Unipar UP2

Controller Type

American DJ Light Co-Pilot

Controller Modes

Manual switch aka latch
Manual strike aka punch
Timed chase
Sound active chase

Cables Included

2x remote to controller cable
2x Extension cords

Wireless Microphone




Lapel, Handheld

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