On-Site Engineer


Take your audio or uplight rental to the next level with an interactive on-site engineer! Our engineer can remain on site to facilitate changing between activities during the whole event or simply stay for a short time during the main activity and then leave.



Lighting: Make a big wedding entrance to flashing lights and bright colors, then enjoy a calm dinner with slow flowing lights, and finally get to dancing on the dance floor while the whole room changes color to the sound of the music. Companies introducing new products will love the way our lights can dim to help achieve focus, then brighten with multi color light as the product is shown off.

Audio: Our engineer can monitor volume levels during key announcements and mixing levels between performers. Make sure the whole crowd can hear you and the music with an on site engineer to maintain the balance.

Video: Make sure your presentation goes off without a hitch! We’ll do our part by making sure the video, audio, and lighting setup is working optimally throughout the event. Make sure the volume level on the videos is appropriate and matches the speaking level when you go back to presenting, or make sure the lights dim dramatically and the music cues for the big new product reveal.

Only pay for the time you use! Our engineer can be there for the big reveal, then set things for the remainder of the event and take off. They can also remain on site for the duration of the event, it is your choice. Pay by the hour, only for the hours you use.

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