DJ Dance Floor Party Lights


Use the same lights our DJ group uses to light up your event’s dance floor! Each of our DJ lighting trees come with four audio synchronized colored spotlights that blink and chase to the music, and multiple effect lights are included as well. Sound active multi colored effect light sends bouncing colored dots all over the room. There is also a strobe light and a simulated disco ball type effect. The hardware controller is easy to operate, and the whole system sets up in a snap!



The DJ Dance Floor Party Lights are your one stop shop to light up the dance floor with fun and exciting lighting effects. This is the same setup that our DJ company uses for weddings and other events. The package consists of one or two (depending on size selected) light trees with a T bar on top. On each bar there are four colored spot light effects, a strobe light, a multicolored ‘crazy’ light, and a simulated disco ball effect. For examples of what each effect looks like, check out the pictures attached!


The regular package comes with one light tree and audio synchronizing controller. Each light tree comes with the following:

  • 4x Colored Par Cans
  • Strobe Light
  • Multi-Colored Millennium Light
  • Simulated Disco Ball
  • High Powered UV Black-light


The expanded package comes with two light trees and one audio synchronizing controller. The light trees are synchronized with each other. Expanded package has a wider coverage since the lights can be spread out wider. This package is great for larger events with big dance floors.

Each light tree comes with the same equipment as the regular package, giving you a total of:

  • 8x Colored Par Cans
  • 2x Strobe Light
  • 2x Multi-Colored Millennium Light
  • 2x Simulated Disco Ball
  • 2x High Powered UV Black-light

Additional information


Regular, Expanded

Event Size

250 guests or fewer: Regular
250 -500 guests: Expanded

Effect Types

Par Cans: Multicolored spot lights that turn on and off to the beat
Moonflower: Simulated disco ball effect with slowly rotating white lights
Millenium: Wide area coverage of multicolored lights that jump around to the beat
Blacklight: Super bright LED UV light

Effects Lights

American DJ Millenium
American DJ Sparkle
American DJ LED UV Blacklight
4x Unipar UP2

Controller Type

American DJ Light Co-Pilot

Controller Modes

Manual switch aka latch
Manual strike aka punch
Timed chase
Sound active chase

Cables Included

2x remote to controller cable
2x Extension cords