Programmable Uplights


Dramatic, programmable LED uplighting is finally available at an affordable price! Our uplights are unlike the competition in that we offer fully programmable LED uplights to our customers to rent for their events. Our beautiful uplight fixtures can be programmed individually to display any color of the rainbow using RGB color mixing.



Couples love coordinating the lights with their wedding colors. Companies enjoy coordinating with their marketing or logo colors. Choose a red and green color scheme for the uplights to celebrate Christmas or a blue color scheme to cheer on the Kansas City Royals! Choose from three uplighting programs:

  • Dramatic Scenes – Uplights are programmed to alternate or cycle through a number of colors at varying speeds
  • Multiple Color – Some uplights set to one color, others set to a different color
  • Single Color – All uplights set to a single color

Our customers love the dramatic scenes which can completely change the ambiance of a room throughout the night. Your venue might start off with a powerful red theme, and slowly the colors could fade over 10 minutes from red to purple to blue, with fades so slow that your guests barely even notice. At the end of the night they may ask each other “Wasn’t the room decorated red when we got here?”. Show off your company’s sense of energy by alternating colors from uplight to uplight, and then having the colors switch at a comfortably slow, yet noticeable pace.

All uplighting rentals come with free delivery and set up! Our lighting engineer will program the lights at time of set up to make sure that you are happy with the colors and changing scenes. Note that complex changing scenes may take some time to program, so early access to the venue may need to be coordinated. Please plan to make yourself or your representative available to the lighting engineer to verify changes.

Additional information


Regular (4), Expanded (8)

Event Size

200 guests or fewer: Regular
200-500 guests: Expanded

Effect Types

Par Cans: Multicolored spot lights that turn on and off to the beat
Moonflower: Simulated disco ball effect with slowly rotating white lights
Millenium: Wide area coverage of multicolored lights that jump around to the beat
Blacklight: Super bright LED UV light

Effects Lights

American DJ Millenium
American DJ Sparkle
American DJ LED UV Blacklight
4x Unipar UP2

Controller Type

American DJ Light Co-Pilot

Controller Modes

Manual switch aka latch
Manual strike aka punch
Timed chase
Sound active chase

Cables Included

2x remote to controller cable
2x Extension cords