Tips for Hosting Your In-Laws While Prepping for the Wedding

Most soon-to-be-married couples know they need a little help to get their wedding plans off the ground. For many, this “help” comes in the form of in-laws who come from out of town. While the extra set of hands is appreciated, it can also be a little stressful, unless this aspect of wedding planning is already thought out. (This is especially true if you’re having a destination wedding.) If you’re hosting your in-laws during the prepping stage of your wedding, you’ll probably appreciate these three tips.

Take Care of Transportation

The Knot suggests having your transportation needs booked at least four months in advance. That includes the transportation your immediate family will need as well. Your in-laws will need a car to get around in the days leading up to the wedding and will need access to a car if they are responsible for driving members of the wedding party to and from the wedding. It’s nice if you take care of this for them so they don’t have to deal with it. It can also be more practical to rent a car when you know you and your new spouse will be using the cars for important errands before the ceremony.


Venue Considerations

If your in-laws have guests that they personally invited, it might be a good idea to get them involved in venue selection during your wedding prep period. According to, you should really know your guest list, including the guests your respective sets of parents invite. If there are some special guests that your in-laws know will need special accommodations, bring them in on your venue decisions.

Also, ask them if they can help you deal with these guests on the day of the wedding. Guests who require special care may actually feel more at home at a destination wedding if they have a go-to person. Your in-laws can help with this, especially if they’re staying in the same place.


Have Brunch

It’s understandable that you won’t be able to spend a lot of alone time with your in-laws before the wedding. However, you should take some steps to do some one-on-one activities with them and try to get to know each other better. One way you can set the experience apart, is to offer them a home cooked meal.

Very often, out-of-towners will be spending a lot of time and money eating out. A brunch held in their honor is a way of spending time with your in-laws and friends in a relaxed setting. There’s nothing like a quiche made from grandma’s recipe to calm nerves and to help everyone reconnect.


When it comes to hosting your in-laws during the days before your wedding, common sense should rule the day. While you’ll naturally see to it that they have keys to your home (or a comfortable place to stay if you’re having a destination wedding), you’ll also want to add some personal and logical touches. Taking care of any transportation and venue issues that affect them will be helpful, while a brunch held just for them and close family and friends will personalize the event.

It’s best if you decide as a couple who will take care of which of these hosting challenge before your parents arrive. This ensures that things will run more smoothly, while also ensuring that fewer feathers get ruffled as things get busier.