Transportation Alternatives to Solve Parking Problems at City Events

Have you ever gotten really excited about an event or a party, but then realized that there’s relatively little parking nearby? Sometimes, figuring out the logistics of parking and how your guests will get there ends up being nearly as stressful as planning the event itself. If your event is taking place in downtown Kansas City, you might be worried about there being enough parking nearby. Look into these potential transportation alternatives to make sure your guests can arrive on time without issue.


Public Transportation

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) operates a number of routes around the metro area. Most of the routes are bus rapid transit routes, though light rail is available in some parts of downtown. Passes to ride the routes are really affordable (day passes are $3) and give you access throughout Kansas City and Independence, as well as Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.

Public transit systems are an easy solution to any problem problem. While it increase the commute time for your guests to get to your event, they won’t have to worry about finding parking, nor will you have to worry about any accidents from your guests texting and driving, or worse on the drive home if you’re serving alcohol at the event. And while public transit accidents are possible, they’re generally few and far between.


Bike Sharing

As long as your party doesn’t require formal or semi-formal attire, you could promote Kansas City B-cycle, which is a 24/7 bike sharing system with stations throughout the Kansas City metro area. The bike sharing is best for short trips, since the rates are $3 per half hour, though there are other ride options that could lower the cost for guests who like bike riding and could take advantage of the unlimited 30 minute rides over a given period of time. Riders who use B-cycle can purchase online or at any B-station.

Bike sharing is a healthier alternative to driving and helps cut down on pollution, which helps the environment. In the end, everyone win when you stop using gas-powered modes of transportation.



Another alternative you can support, especially if the event attire isn’t bike-approved, is through ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. If you or your guests have never done a rideshare, it’s really easy. All you do is download the app for the company, put in the address for your destination, and then your payment information, and the company alerts the closest available driver to you. You can track where they are and when they’ll get to you, and also get an estimate on when you’ll arrive at your destination. After the ride, you can tip the driver as much as you want.

Ridesharing can be a little more expensive depending on how far you’re going and how long it takes to get there. However, guests won’t have to find parking, use gas in their own vehicles, or worry about getting home if they’re a little buzzed after the event.


Get the word out to your guests that parking might be limited. There are lots of alternative modes of transportation available, and the above options will serve your guests well. Give them some ideas of how they can still get to your party. Don’t let any parking issues throw a wrench in your plans or make you overly stressed.