Wedding Gift Theft — Yes, It’s a Real Thing!

Wedding Gift Theft - Yes, It's a Real Thing!

The reception is going smoothly; the bride and groom look so happy, the cake has been cut, and guests are enjoying themselves. It’s almost time to leave, and then you suddenly realize that the pile of gifts by the door seems a lot smaller. Upon investigation, you realize that several of the gifts have disappeared, including the expensive one you brought for the happy couple.

Reporting Theft

You may think this is a rare occurrence, but actually this type of incident is quite common at these receptions. Vendors, employees, and even guests have been known to help themselves to these treasured packages when nobody’s watching. Even cards filled with well wishes, checks, and cash are often taken from the gift table. Steps to take in this situation include alerting management and reporting the theft to the proper authorities.

When discussing the issue with management, ask about any security cameras that may be located on the property. Even if there is not one mounted in that immediate area, an outdoor camera could easily catch individuals loading these wrapped gifts into their vehicles on the back dock or in the parking lot.

Ask management to review any film footage that they may be in possession of. Request that they share the results of this viewing with the individuals in charge of the wedding and with local law enforcement.

Preventing Theft

Most wedding venues have security guards posted throughout the property during events such as this, but no security system is complete without video surveillance. Venues would be doing themselves and their clients a huge favor by always having cameras placed in strategic locations throughout the property.

Wedding venues do not want the embarrassment or negative publicity that comes from this type of theft, so it is always in their best interest to have a system installed and cameras placed in both high traffic and isolated areas where they can best film occurrences. It is also a good idea to place gift tables in highly visible locations that are not near exits.

Safeguarding wedding gifts should be a high priority. These unique items don’t just have monetary value; they also have great sentimental value as they are gifts from family and friends at a once-in-a-lifetime event. Don’t let the bride and groom go to their honeymoon disappointed and disturbed over the theft of their new belongings. Make sure your vendors have a clean record, and when booking a quality venue for a wedding, make inquiring about surveillance cameras a top priority.