What Makes a Great Bartender?

When you go out for drinks, you want to have a fun experience. A good bartender can take you on a journey to discovering new cocktails or helping you remember why you enjoyed a great tasting drink, to begin with. Let’s take a look at some characteristics of a quality bartender.

Good Attitude

Have you ever asked your bartender to do something when it wasn’t necessarily in the job description? Some do it willingly and have a good attitude. Others ignore you or even say something rude. Those who provide bad service could put you in a bad mood, and there are few things worse than trying to drink when your not in the right state of mind.

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A bartender has to be aware of many different things at the same time. For instance, he or she has to know how much liquor to put in a given drink or how to garnish it so that the drink looks appealing. It is also important to know how to make a wide variety of drinks because customers could ask for something more complex than a rum and coke or a whiskey on the rocks. Understanding how to make a complex drink can increase the prestige of both the bartender and the establishment where that person works. This could lead to a more loyal following for the bar and larger tips for the bartender.

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Bartenders Need to Know When to Stop Serving Customers

Customers who are intoxicated could put themselves and others at risk of bodily harm or death. If a drunk patron were to get into a car crash, the person who served that individual could be held responsible for the accident. Therefore, it is critical that a bartender understands the signs that someone has had too much to drink. It is also a good idea for bartenders to arrange rides for customers if necessary. Ideally, those who work in a bar setting will have a colleague or manager who can back them up if a customer gets aggressive after being cut off.

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A good bartender can make an average drink taste great and a great drink taste like nothing you have ever had before. If you operate a bar, restaurant or any other location that serves alcohol, it is imperative to hire quality bartenders. Doing so can create a quality experience that people will want to have again many times in the future.
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